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Film as Literature

Lonely Characters Experience Journeys Of Redemption

Feature: Vol. 1 Up until now in this series of unforgettable cinema, we have studied film narratives and techniques which have all revolved around a male protagonist in pursuit of their needs; each extremely driven to complete their individual tasks at any cost.... Continue Reading →


Pledging Your Allegiance To Justice Only Pleads Your Insanity To The Rest Of Mankind

The Pledge (2001) The Pledge was Sean Penn's third movie since transitioning from acting into directing and perhaps is one of his most accomplished to date. Sean Penn used materialised ideas from his previous film, The Crossing Guard (1995), "the... Continue Reading →

The Fall of Mankind is Hardcore

Hardcore (1979) The heart-breaking story of a father's undying love for his daughter, "Hardcore", was written and directed by Paul Schrader in the spring of 1979. It is widely argued that Hardcore was one of many movies conceived from the film directed... Continue Reading →

The Searchers Still Searching For True Greatness

The Searchers (1956) Up for discussion is the highly disputed movie, "The Searchers"; which was directed by John Ford and written by Frank S. Nugent in early 1956. A couple of years prior to the film, Alan Le May's novel,"The Searchers"... Continue Reading →

Nostalgic Allen Breathes New Life Into The Art Of Storytelling

Broadway Danny Rose (1984) Broadway Danny Rose was written, directed and starred in by Woody Allen himself. His storytelling work of art was released to American movie theatres in January of 1984, before it finally aired in Europe at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival in France later... Continue Reading →

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